Cybex PRIAM 2.0 - wózek wielofunkcyjny, zestaw 4w1 z fotelem CLOUD Z I-SIZE i bazą isofix | Black, stelaż Chrome Brown

Cybex PRIAM 2.0 - wózek wielofunkcyjny, zestaw 4w1 z fotelem CLOUD Z I-SIZE i bazą isofix | Black, stelaż Chrome Brown
Cybex PRIAM 2.0 - stelaż do wózka | Chrome Brown
Cybex PRIAM 2.0 - tapicerka siedziska seatpack do wózka | Deep Black 2020
Cybex PRIAM 2.0 - gondola LUX | Deep Black 2020
Cybex baza Z do fotelików Cloud Z I-Size/Sirona Z I-Size
Cybex CLOUD Z I-SIZE - fotelik samochodowy 0-13 kg | Deep Black
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Cybex PRIAM 2.0 - 4in1 Travel System with carrycot and CLOUD Z I-SIZE car seat + isofix base Z

In a set:

  • Cybex Priam 2.0 chassis
  • Seatpack
  • Carrycot
  • Cloud Z I-Size car seat
  • Cybex Base Z

The Cybex Priam 2.0 deep carriage. Cybex is a brand that is known in many countries. What sets it apart stems from an awareness of the needs of many parents. The times when a baby carriage was just a baby carriage have irretrievably gone. The Cybex brand has shown that it is possible to create a product that is most of all functional, but also beautiful!

The Priam 2.0 model, a redesigned version of the Cybex Priam, belongs in this category. With this carriage, the parent can create a travel system that will serve the child for many years. Altered Cybex Priam profile. The Cybex Priam was seriously redesigned in 2019. The cot received a new design that suits the tastes of many parents. This has been one of the staples of the Cybex brand for years – the Priam is a very popular and widely used model. Changes, improved functions, modern design – all this makes the Priam a model which you should decide upon!

Priam 2.0 – solutions used.

A unique design is one of this carriage’s major advantages. However, it is worth considering its features. An important question is the system of folding. This has been simplified, so that the parent can fold the chassis with one hand. In addition, it’s not necessary to remove the seat in order to fold the carriage. The chassis folds together with the seat. Shock absorbers on all 4 wheels are a major advantage which no doubt makes it easier to push the carriage on uneven terrain, As a result, the child’s sleep is undisturbed. A mattress made of Memory Foam also contributes to the child’s comfort The parents also have at their disposal a shopping basket that can be folded, as well as a cot in which the child can spend the first months of its life. Lots of optional extras. Cybex knows the needs of parents, so a lot of accessories are offered for this carriage. Of the optional extras available, it is worth mentioning the care bag, skis, tray, insect net, cup holder and more.







  • Aluminium frame, in several attractive colours.
  • Height of handle adjustable telescopically, making it much easier to adjust to the parent’s needs.
  • Suspension and excellent shock absorption ensure comfortable travel on very terrain.
  • Mattress inside cot made of so-called Memory Foam, thanks to which the child has a guaranteed correct position inside the cot.

Set of Cybex Priam deep carriage contains:

  • Priam 2.0 chassis for stroller (without Seatpack) + raincover + adapters for car seat
  • Seatpack
  • Lux carrycot + raincover

Dimensions of carriage:

  • Cot: 78x32x20 cm (length / width / height)
  • Stroller seat: 24 cm.
  • Chassis with cot: weight: 13.1 kg.
  • Folded chassis with wheels: 97x57x45 cm (length/width/height)



The Cybex Cloud Z iSize is a rotatable seat fitted rearward facing. This guarantees the child the best protection in an accident. This is an improved successor of the popular Cybex Cloud Q. It fulfils the latest iSize standard! What’s more, for full comfort it has a rotatable seat so that the child can be seated and removed with ease An advantage of this solution is that you don’t expose the child’s spine to stress. The Cybex Cloud Z iSize is for children from birth until they reach a height of 80 cm at the age of about 4. 

Features of the Cybex Cloud Z iSize:

Recumbent position outside the car.

The seat folds out to an ergonomic position good for the spine. Your child can fall asleep in the most comfortable position What’s more, you adjust the seat with just one hand!

Integrated L.S.P system.

The seat is equipped with the L.S.P system and an energy-absorbing shell. These features considerably improve the child’s safety in the event of a side impact. The forces acting on the child are reduced by 25%.

11 headrest positions.

You can adjust them together with the belts, so you can adjust the Cloud Z iSize to your child’s growth. For total protection, the Cloud Z iSize has 3-point safety belts and soft cushions near the shoulders. 

Removable reduction inlay for infants.

The inlay guarantees your child an ergonomic position from the first weeks of life until the child reaches a height of 60 cm. Its task is to protect the child’s head – it prevents the head from leaning forwards. It also ensures an optimum position for the back and shoulders.

Highest quality upholstery.

The seat’s upholstery, in Manhat Grey, suits every car interior. It is of high quality, easily noticeable from the softness of the material. It is also friendly to the child’s skin and very durable.

Excellent protection from the sun.

The Cloud Z iSize has a large foldable hood as protection from the sun. It offers the child protection against radiation at UP 50+.

Complies with standards.

The Cloud Z iSize complies with the UN R129 standard, so you can trust it. Possibility of fitting a ZZ BASE. The ZZ base allows the seat to be fitted with the aid of the ISOFIX connectors. When the Cloud Z i-Size is fitted to its base, you easily turn it towards the door. What’s more, the base is fitted with Driving Direction Control (D.D.C.), which prevents the seat from being positioned other than away from the direction of travel.


Length 67 cm, width 44 cm, depth 38 cm.

Weight 4.8 kg








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Gwarancja 2-letnia "Door-To-Door"
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